Furnace KeepsTurning On and Off – How to Clean Flame Sensor – Fix It Yourself


This step by step video will help homeowners to diagnose and solve common furnace problem such as when a gas furnace keeps shutting Off . the problem is usually the flame sensor. This video will show in details how to remove the flame sensor, cleaning it and reinstall it. you can get your furnace to cycle properly.

When your gas furnace is not starting or it’s starting intermittently (on and then off right away) don’t call to a heating or furnace HVAC tech instead look at your furnace to see if you can fix it yourself. flame sensor detects if the gas has been lit or not. If this sensor gets dirty (and they almost always do over time) then your furnace will try to light, think that gas is flowing without a flame and then immediately shut itself off as a safety feature. The fix is simple: you just need to remove the sensor clean it a little bit so that it’s will work properly. By The Way, when you clean the sensor don’t forget to clean the furnace area around the sensor from dust and derbies Keeping your furnace clean.will keep the furnace working properly for a long time.

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