HeatingOil.com Profiles: Boro Fuel


For the third installment of the HeatingOil.com dealer profiles series, we bring you Boro Fuel of Brooklyn, NYC.

Boro and its owner, Jeff Cohn, represent a timeless story in the heating oil industry: a family business expanding and changing with the times to remain a trusted provider of heating fuel and system maintenance for decades. Jeff is the third-generation president of Boro who has successfully ushered the company into the 21st century by carrying on his familys 80-year-old tradition of working closely with customers and meeting all of their home heating needs. Boro customers are on a first-name basis with their favorite heating technicians, and those technicians know all there is to know about the systems they service.

While Boros philosophy includes the long-held tradition of putting the customers needs first, it also integrates modern technologies and industry trends as it prepares for the future. Boro has come a long way from delivering coal, and plans to soon be supplying the next clean, green fuel that will keep heating oil users warm in the next decade and beyond.

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