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Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe Cuts Energy Costs by Going Ductless


More northwest residents are saving money on their utility bills with a ductless a heat pump. And the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe is leading the way as nearly 30 percent of the tribe is now heating and cooling their homes with a ductless heat pump. With a grant from the Department of Energy and funding from Clallam County Public Utility District, the tribe recently installed ductless heat pumps in 57 tribal members’ homes.

Thermocore From Hell


Thermocore Mini-Split A/C System. Don’t be the next “FOOL”!

AirCon Mini – Split Parts in

Rating: Mini Split Parts. For the best return on your investment, enlist the help of a licensed HVAC dealer who is well experienced with the finer points of ductless installation. Call us 877770-3548.

Split Systems in Minisplitwarehouse.


Mini-Split Air Conditioners as an Alternative to Window Air Conditioners. These units are more efficient than window or portable air conditioners, more aesthetically pleasing, and because they’re ductless, installation is simpler and less invasive. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

Mitsubishi Electric In-home Video


A longer Mitsubishi advertisement which features testimony from a number of satisfied customers detailing their experience with their Mitsubishi products. Some points include;

1 – Variable comp speed adjusts to specific room temperature needs.
2 – Advanced air filtration for each room.
3 – Ductless installation saves space and time.
4 – Energy efficient systems cut energy costs.
5 – Whisper quiet operation.
6 – Wireless remote control.

FUJITSU AOU45RLXFZ Five zone Ductless Air conditioning


FUJITSU AOU45RLXFZ 45,000 Btu Five zone Air conditioning and heating.
5 Indoor units 4 wall mount and one floor mount
installation in NJ

Midea AC Mini Splits. (Heating and Air Conditioning).

Rating: Mini Splits. Convenience. The ductless installation requires a small hole in the outer wall of the home for the conduit to connect the outdoor unit to one or more air handlers. Call us 877-770-3548.

Friedrich Mini Split. (Heating and Air Conditioning).

Rating: Friedrich Mini Split. Ductless systems are also easier to install than traditional HVAC units. Installation costs are typically under ,000 to retrofit an entire home. Call us 877-770-3548.

Types of AC Systems in Buildings in

Rating: Types of AC Systems in Buildings in EASY, LOW-COST INSTALLATION. A ductless installation is hassle-free and can be completed in a couple of days. Contact us 877-770-3548.

Haier Slim Duct


Comfort Made Easier

Haier Ductless Air = Technology + Performance + Efficiency + Value = Total Comfort

Haier air quality products offer the technology, features and benefits that your projects demand-delivering energy savings, simplifying installation processes and fitting seamlessly into a wide variety of residential and commercial spaces. Haier recognizes that each project presents unique challenges, which is why we communicate and collaborate with our partners to deliver sometimes unexpected but always effective solutions for the built environment.

As the landscape changes, we continually look for ways to best build and foster relationships with contractors, homeowners, designers and retailers-among many others. Through innovative product development and other brand activities, we are actively involved in the communities in which we operate, keeping social responsibility and sustainability top-of-mind. Haier firmly believes this to be the path to better living and a better planet.